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Movement is Medicine

Pilates classes, group sessions and 1:1’s are available.

Jen’s training has been through APPI, a physiotherapy focused form of modern Pilates. APPI Pilates trainers have been educated to ensure that anyone can benefit from this safe, enjoyable and beneficial form of activity whether you have bad posture, chronic lower back pain, osteoarthritis to pregnancy. This form of Pilates is adaptive regardless to your aches and pains.

Pilates consists of slow, precise and controlled movements ensuring that you are activating your deep spinal stabilisers (core) throughout. Anyone can move, regardless of your symptoms so why not contact us to find out more?


Pregnancy & Post Natal Pilates

These Pilates sessions are specifically tailored to the (expecting) mothers demands for safe yet effective exercising pre and post birth. The sessions are low impact, focus on relaxing (very important to prevent incontinence & for birth) and strengthening the pelvic floor.

All exercises are easily adaptable for those with pregnancy (I.e. pelvic girdle and lower back pain) and delivery or post birth symptoms (prolapse, c-section, instrumental delivery, rectus diastasis). We are currently hosting classes online, great to meet fellow pregnant or new mums.


Online Pilates Classes Timetable:


10am Post-Birth (new block starts 12.01.22)

9.30am Pregnancy Pilates (new block starts 15.01.22)


June 2020

I would recommend Jens Post-natal Pilates Classes, she’s just amazing!

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July 2020

Having never done Pilates before I was desperate to find someone to help me with my post partum recovery.

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June 2020

I have attended Jen’s postnatal pilates group sessions both in person and online post lockdown.

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