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I love to run! However, following major abdominal surgery 12 years ago my hip and abdominals were tight and out of alignment. Every time I ran I struggled to lengthen the stride and increase the mileage without causing a lot of discomfort around the hip, glutes and hamstring. In those 12 years and even working as a Fitness Professional in the Health and Fitness Industry I could not find a physiotherapist, chiropractor or sports massage specialist who could fix me.

Then I found Jen! The first person to check my posture, analyse my run, watch my movement and know exactly what was wrong. Jen has worked tirelessly to re-align my hip, massage and stretch the surrounding muscles and give me progressive exercises to strengthen the weak ones. She identified straight away that the glutes were not activating correctly and through her knowledge of Pilates and exercise rehabilitation the hips are now stronger, have more mobility and the most important thing… I can run again without pain or discomfort!!!

So thank you Jen, for, transforming my body, improving my quality of life, and most of all for being an outstanding Sports Therapist and Exercise Re-Habilitator. I for one would not want to go anywhere else to keep my body in peak condition.

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