Functional Running Analysis

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We’re born to run.

Do you find that your running is stagnant, sore or painful?

After simple video analysis and dynamic movement screening we can improve your running technique and inefficiencies. As a result from the analysis and the homework we can also improve your speed!

What to expect during your session

Whilst you warm up (don’t forget your trainers & shorts!), we will have a chat about your goals & find a little more about you and your running.

Then we will bring you up to a running pace & once you’ve found your happy speed we will take some videos of you.

Once the running is complete we’ll then do a dynamic movement assessment which involves various running related exercises to look at your biomechanics in a little more depth.

We will finally go through your run videos, your feedback is noted & report will be sent to you. You will receive some homework too!

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